Contact us – Long Beach Cottage Rentals

Contact us – Long Beach Cottage Rentals

Contacting Us at Long Beach Cottage Rentals


Please, as you contact Long Beach Cottages, remember we are a friendly family community.
Thank you!

Currently the best way to Contact Us is simply fill out our contact form and email us.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself and give us an idea how we can help you live the Long Beach dream this Summer.

How shall we address you when we communicate? (we can be formal if you wish)
Email is an excellent way to keep in touch and can be used at times when a phone call may be inconsiderate. It's our favourite communication.
Please give us the best phone number to contact you at. You may add area codes, extensions, whatever it takes to get in touch.
Let us know a little bit about what would make you happy this Summer.



Long Beach Cottage Rentals are located in Long Beach — Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada.  On the sandy shores of Great Lake Erie.

Long Beach Cottage Rentals home

Cloud watching and day dreaming from the decks are wonderful.
Lake Erie is shallow, and warm in the Summer. Beautiful waves often dot the surface.
Breathe and take time to enjoy the birds. Birds are cool!
Pictured here are (L to R): “The House” #4, Cottages #3, #2, & #1
Sunsets over Lake Erie are beautiful all year, but particularly in the warm Summer.
Watching the horizon change colour in the evening is always fascinating.
Build more sand castles this Summer!
Kite boarders love Long Beach!
Weather over fresh Lake Erie is incredible to witness.
Multiple chill and relax zones are for all to share and enjoy at Long Beach Cottages
Two of the seating areas at Long Beach Cottages over looking Lake Erie and the private sand Beach.
This is called the “End Zone” to insiders. There’s five zones to overlook the private sand Beach.
All Cottages at Long Beach Cottages have equal access to the comfortable overlooks to the private sand Beach.
Sunsets at Long Beach Cottages are beautiful and memorable.
Firepits are included at Long Beach Cottages – and responsible fires are highly encouraged. Mmmm. Smores!